My first non-Blade kit: Lynx OXY 2

As of this writing, I have owned 3 different Blade collective pitch helicopters: Nano CP S, 230 S V2, and Fusion 270. Recently I decided to take the plunge into assembling my first kit from pieces. A Lynx Oxy 2! This means I need to select servos, ESC, motor, and FBL/receiver. Eep! Although I’ve replace a few mechanical parts and some servos on my Blade helis, most of this process will be a learning experience.

Lynx? OXY?

Lynx OXY helis are relatively new. Lynx has for many years produced high after-market upgrade parts that are of the highest quality, and from what I hear their line of CP helis are no exception.

Image from

The OXY 2 line of helicopters—which I chose for my first build—is the smallest offered from Lynx. Currently only a “190 Sport” edition is offered, which is designed to use 190 mm blades. I went with this size for safety and affordability.

There’s much more coming! This blog will over-document every step of my choices, assembly, programming, and tuning. Stay tuned for more!

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