Electronics choices

I went with the following choices for electronics.

  • FBL: MSH Micro Ikon 2 (same as Micro Brain 2)
  • ESC: Castle Creations Talon 25
  • Cyclic servos: Lynx DS-895-HV
  • Tail servo: Lynx H0988UHS-I Blue Arrow
  • Motor: EOX 1611 – 5500 kV

Nothing really surprising here. If you’ve ever shopped around for an OXY 2, you’ll recognize this as essentially the electronics combo package put together by Lynx, with the exception of my Talon 25 ESC replacing the usual HobbyWing 25 ESC. I’ve heard both ESCs are fine, but the Talon seems to be more popular, so I just went with it. Spektrum users like me seem to enjoy the telemetry capabilities. I especially liked that there seems to be a free coupon for the Castle Link USB adapter so that I can program it.

I’m also bought some XT-60 male plugs which I’ll solder into the Talon. I already have some charger accessories for the XT-60, so that seemed wise. Of course I do not have 3S XT-60 batteries. New heli, new batteries. Ugh. Even though I could solder on some female XT-60 plugs into my 3S 800 mAh 30C JST batteries, that capacity is just a little bit below what was recommended by Lynx for the OXY 2. I’ll save those batteries for my Blade 230 S V2.

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