What I’ve learned about soldering

I’ve learned that soldering is hard and that I’m bad at it.

I had to solder three separate female bullet connectors (2mm) for eventual connection to the brushless motor, as well as an XT60 male plug for the eventual eventual connection to a 3S battery.

The finished product don’t look that bad to me, but the shrink wrap does hide a lot. Luckily I think the actual electrical connection is sound. Time will tell.

As you can tell from the last photo above, I have the Talon 25 ESC mounted to the heli. Now I need to mount the FBL (Micro Ikon 2) then do the servos. Sadly I’ll have to wait before actually wiring and testing everything up. Apparently I need another adapter that didn’t come with the FBL. This picture shows the issue.

I need another adapter. Yay.

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