Done with build! (almost)

So close to done!

Since my last post, I installed the cyclic and tail servos, mounted the FBL, and installed the skids & blades. Here come the details!

Servo installation

The servo mounting locations on this heli are absolutely amazing. There is full and complete access to the mounting screws (in case of servo removal) and to the arms/horn screw without the need to remove any other equipment. (The same cannot be said of my Fusion 270; on that heli, you need to remove the FBL in order to access one of the servos. Ugh.)

Here is an example. The left aileron servo is right there, ready to be changed!

Trying to figure out where to run the wires from servos to FBL was. Not being sarcastic here. It was actually enjoyable. Once I decided on location of the FBL unit (which for me had to be the top of the tail boom mount since the Lynx servo wires are so short), most of the wiring figures itself out. There’s lots of little holes in the main frame that help out.

Here you can see I’ve run two of the servos’ wires separately from each other, which would allow me to change one of them out without disturbing the other.

I will say the one servo that gave me trouble was the front servo. Took me awhile to figure out how to avoid the main shaft collar and the left servo arm. I settled on using a zip tie to lower the exiting position of the wire.

Servo wire placement was challenging.

And if any of you are struggling to get your servo linkage balls (is that what they’re called) screwed into your servo arms, don’t be afraid to use a 0.9 mm hex wrench and widen that hole.

Used a 0.9 mm wrench to widen the servo ball hole.

FBL mounting

Once I mounted the servos, it became clear that I would need to mount the servo on the top of the heli rather than the bottom, even though the instructions suggest using the bottom for ease of access. (Not really sure how that would make it easier…)

Servo mounted on the top, not the bottom.

Briefly, I want to mention that I actually made a makeshift adapter so I could plug in my FBL and play around with the iKon2 software on the PC. Much more on that in the coming weeks!

Skids and blades make a happy heli

Mounting the skids and blades really make the heli come alive!

I went with the included 210 mm blades (rather than the 190 mm) to get a slightly larger-heli feel. Will it make a difference? No idea.

And for the drum roll…

Mechanical build done!

That red box with twisted colored wires sticking out the back is the Micro iKon2 USB adapter. The black mass next to it is a temporary makeshift adapter I created to connect the ESC to the FBL.

What else is there?

The build is basically done. I did level the swashplate and set zero pitch at mid-throttle, but I’ll save that info for a later post. Here’s what I’m still waiting to get to me to actually complete the heli:

  • Tattu 3S 1050 mAh XT60 batteries
  • Adapter for ESC to micro Ikon2
  • Castle Creations USB Link

And of course there’s the FBL and ESC setup that needs to be done.

It’s been 10 days or so since I placed my order for this Oxy 2. Very happy with my experience so far. However, if I had to re-do one thing, it would be better soldering jobs. I need practice. I may actually get a chance since the motor wires coming out the ESC are too long. Plus, I ordered a Hobbywing RPM sensor that I may install in the future. We’ll see.

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